Sand is guozu the last game of the year. But then, on guozu Manager topic will not break, because from now on, England's Football Association  new balance 574 onlinewill start a selection process, Fu Bo Nike free run mens sale where there will be a clear statement. For the next direction of, Fu Bo said very simply: "U22 team is about to start training camp, so I'm going to go over there. "Right now, outside the proxy identity apart from head coach of Fu Bo, U22 coach U22 team next year there is a series of games.

Such a situation, Fu Bo would end guozu acting coach, already a foregone conclusion. 19th fails to take Saudi Arabia to lock ahead of the Asian Cup qualification, regrets that this result to Fu Bo is very obvious. His coaching achievements, the game field command, how to manage with a high standard of ocean looking for debate by contrast is fan opinion continued. But Fu Bo guozu experience "6.15" bubbling, experiencing Camacho class unrest, taking over guozu and smooth atmosphere of the national team, his achievements are outstanding.

Career coach of class and class are is normal of, only Camacho of comes and left are so not normal: didn't people know had Football Association why and Camacho signed Xia so a copy "not equal contracts", took with salary of Spain people early in last year on led China wave don't compete for participate in World Cup of stage, but salary point are many took, contract in the simply no results constraint terms. If not 1:5 lost to Thailand, I'm afraid kamaqiaoyiran to undermine his position. Still the Chinese Football  new balance 996 sale  Association struggled, although Fu Bo post of Deputy Manager, took a kind of mess, but penalty problems, Camacho a paper petition on Chinese Football Association told FIFA. The contract dispute has not end of the world, although the Chinese Football Association has started to play for the national team to find new foreign handsome, just on the "my predecessor is the best" story is still not over.

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"To tell the truth, now Chinese soccer mens new balance 574  is not so good, we have pressure football professionals. But this didn't think of XI ' an, Shaanxi fans support guozu. "Chinese Football Association press officer Fu Qiang said has admitted that fiery balls of XI ' an city, hot he was flattered that the fans. Fu Qiang still seems to have the second part didn't say soccer soil so well, why not a team. Outsiders perceive this contrast, fans sit in Shaanxi Province. Fans leader Ke Xingping, Shaanxi Province, yesterday told reporters that: "the idea (passed banners) had been brewing for a long time, since Shaanxi was guozu blessed land is the paradise of Chinese football, why not its own football team. ”

Throughout the first half, both local area compete for very competitive, very hard on team offense organization of, creating a single chance, unfortunately, Jiang Ning, uncertain compared to last time, evolutions of adjustments I'm afraid of the Chinese team did not achieve the desired result, fortunately, now Saudi Arabia is far compared with their predecessors, did not take that chance.

Second half of the match, Saudi Arabia in a penalty arbitrary ball was not very active in the process, Lou said this morning: "the Saudi team's offense is not very serious, in the whole area empty, white shirt with only two or three people. "

Currently, Jeftic and Liao foot near the end shop new balance of negotiations, the two sides still some details need to negotiate on the issues. Why choose Jeftic, Huang Yan think his style is suitable for relaxation, Liao, "there is in the League doesn't end when we began to pay attention to Jeftic, his style is very suitable for relaxation, Liao, can spell could get, and how fast. "Jeftic fought Super League two years time, there are also more used to, after the contract expired, his priority is still the King, and Liao foot happened to throw him an olive branch, the parties hit it off.

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In retrospect, old corny speech at noon, already showed last night that banners made of matting. Although guozu did not win ahead of Saudi  womens new balance 574Arabia go through, old corny and Shaanxi fans expressed by some representatives of the Organization, which should be learned Chairman's evaluation of Chinese football, "Chinese football has worked very hard." Guozu needs to continue its efforts to football with his home town team of Shaanxi, continued efforts are needed.

Guozu left the fans enthusiasm for football should not be in the province of Shaanxi to cool. Shaanxi no shortage of football heritage, no shortage of space, is not short of money, no lack of enthusiasm. Football brings to a place of great reputation, is unable to use the General investment earnings.

"Hey, ball, hurry up, don't pay attention to sign it! "Intended for friends to gather, fans picked up a recall initiated by the old League, is the increasing importance of the team became tense. Old Keller arrived in Sichuan University Sports Center yesterday while doing warm up, recalled two major foreign aid strong was seen as Beijing's old boys team of the tournament favourites by accident, the General Han Xu new balance online new balance online marking serious fouls when Peng Xiaofang, was sent off the field.

Liu Jianhong first noted the guozu question: "do not form a true team of the Chinese team, there was no real overall, not very consistent on the pitch, although new balance 595  relegation on the field an experienced veteran, but oblivion is not very clear. "But concerns guozu fans is still very warm, Liu Jianhong said:" China football fans never give up, we have to have faith in the national team. Football has a very special, very special place in China, Chinese soccer is a great honour but there should be more pressure, should give the football to football people. Chinese football is a very good sign, evergrande Nike free run mens sale Club the AFC Championship, will demonstrate that Chinese football can do their work well, the sport can still make a difference, from top to bottom to see concern for Chinese football. ”

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People certainly expect, Lippi once helm guozu, evergrande copy rates new balance men's Shoestop the AFC honors. However, this is bound to be wishful thinking, Lang ping coached evergrande volleyball equally spirited, serves as the national women's volleyball team defeats after the coach, immediately from "God" into a "ghost". If Lippi be tempted into guozu, biggest is probably as second lang.

Lippi evergrande's three preconditions of success, in the national team are all no longer exist. One, and constant big in in the Super crowd, is inseparable from high of South America foreign aid, unfortunately guozu no foreign aid; second, and national team of bonus and constant big compared to just bucket, banknotes huge of stimulus role, who also cannot denied; its three, and most important of is, Lippi coached constant big is promise, to has national team can all is telling of Wad, layman led expert of China football will he loss.
The strongest opponent of the warning, Shanghai old Koehler was tightened from the opening chord, fan Zhiyi when after 30 minutes with a direct free kick blast open the opponents ' goal, Bian Jun, before the end of the first half to gild the lily. Fan 赟, Liu June, Li Linjun scored in succession in the second half, Yu Genwei of Tianjin going only by the wounded pulled one back for the ball. Fan 赟, Li Linjun is continuously made two  new balance online  field goals, Bian Jun fighting also continued the League era of Tianjian to score "habit".

Eventually audience game ended, both 0-0 mutual failed to, Lou a morning last summary said: "team and no ahead of outlet, next year will will and Iraq for death war, China football again faced hit flat on outlet of situation, very strange of China football intercontinental game of law, we only sent hopes team can in next year game zhiqian is good of summary, adjustment, mining out personnel configuration out potential of energy.

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Korea soccer series warm-up new balance 998 nzmatch staged as scheduled. FIFA ranking 56 Korea soccer national team and the FIFA ranking of 19th European stalwart Russia neutrally U.A.E. Dubai against. After a 90-minute duel, 5 minute, Jin Xinyu head-start, siwalang quickly equalised after 7 minutes. On 58 minutes, Russia used corner, Tarasov header. Finally Korea team 1-2 no match for Russia, end notched a winning streak. Previous history that there was no matched record. But the two teams are currently locked in Brazil World Cup finals play qualifications. Mass on both sides before the game yesterday, Russia crash victims of silence.
Because has emergency corporate, old Koehler President and leader Yan Yanjie in resting day short left Chengdu back Shanghai, departure Qian he handed General Manager fan Zhiyi new balance online full a bags cash, "this field game of bonus base improve to 200,000, each net wins a ball, again increased 20,000 yuan......" game Qian mobilization will fan Zhiyi announced has award standard, let all players mob exciting. However, Yan Yanjie parting makes a demand: "the win-win one, full of old Keller on spirit. ”

But throughout the match, Jin Dongjin enforcement has been favorable enough for China, also took care  new balance 999 for sale of the Chinese team on the scale, but the Chinese team did not seize the opportunity, Korea twice fined people critical moments about the race results, guozu if we can score early, then how will give him a chance to perform.

19th Asian preliminaries in Xian fifth round tie, guozu home lost a good 0-0-Saudi draw, and lose the chance to qualify in advance. At the post-match News Conference, Saudi coach Carlo said: "the game referee whistle a little bit biased, but the team overcame these obstacles. China was excellent and their excellent defensive play, I was very surprised. "

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